Police Outraged By Alkaline’s “After All” Music Video – Threaten To Boycott All Future Alkaline Events

"If there is any truth to the video, then it is very bad. I am particularly outraged by how our women are portrayed in the video,

A video on the YouTube website which claims to feature popular local artiste Alkaline performing a piece entitled After All is causing outrage among members of the police force and has caused Commissioner of Police George Quallo to order an immediate investigation into certain aspects of it.

The video which is making the rounds on social media, along with its position onYouTube, shows individuals smoking ganja, brazenly toting guns, cursing, and interspersed with a sex scene where a woman dressed in police uniform is performing salacious and explicit sexual acts with a character in the video.

There are others in the video dressed in police uniforms.
The video also shows what appears to be a marked police vehicle.

It is understood that Commissioner Quallo has given specific instructions that those individuals dressed in police uniforms be found and statements taken immediately.

He has also directed that the marked police vehicle be checked to see if it isindeed part of the official police fleet.

As a result of especially the sex scene and the open carrying of guns featured in the video, many policemen and women are taking the position that they will not be carrying out any duties at events where Alkaline will be performing in the future.

The sex scenes which are the main cause of concern for members of the police force.

One policeman who saw the video described it as a total denigration of the Jamaican woman.

If there is any truth to the video, then it is very bad. I am particularly outraged by how our women are portrayed in the video, and then again, to be openly displaying guns like that is wrong, it is sad,” a policeman who asked that his name not be used, said.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Clifford Blake, when asked r to comment, said that he had seen the video and was well aware of the stance taken by some of the force’s members.

I have been called, and I have met with several policemen and women whohave expressed their outrage and indignation at the video.”

At this time we have no official response, suffice it to say that the commissioner had ordered an investigation and I am in the process of dealing with that investigation. I can inform that already some statements have been taken,” DCP Blake said.

Alkaline could not be reached for a comment.